What is RPL?

RPL means the comparison of the previous learning and experience of a learner howsoever obtained against the learning outcomes required for a specified qualification, and acceptance for purposes of qualification of that which meets the requirements.

RPL entails that the learner is assessed to prove his/her competence against a chosen qualification.

Who performs RPL?

Because RPL is invariably referred to as an assessment, it is normally performed by the following:

  • Institutions/Training Providers/workplaces in conjunction with Training Providers/employment centres.
  • These organisations will have different strategies to implement RPL.
  • Registered assessors/moderators etc. 

Resources required for RPL:

  • RPL centres on collecting evidence. A lot of Person hours are required to
  • complete this exercise. It is time-consuming to put together e.g. RPL evidence, Portfolios of Evidences etc.
  • Infrastructure to support candidates.
  • Plans and rollouts.
  • Costs. The candidate or his employer will have to pay for the exercise
  • Who will conduct the RPL? (Expertise needed).

What type of assessment tools may be used?


  • Interviews.
  • Debate.
  • Presentation.
  • Performance testing.
  • Examination (oral/written).
  • Essay writing, and examples of work done/PoE/Reports




Private lessons, Tactical Military Combat, Weapons, Corporate Training/ Workshops

Self Protection, Office Invasion, Anti-Hijacking, Investigations/ Under Cover, CCTV Training


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