This history stems from years of searching and research about the truth regarding the Black Dragon Society history in South Africa. On searching I found a Prof. Robinson who at the time 1956 was a Heavy Weight Judoka Champion in South Africa (Deceased), I believe the first person who had connections with the Black Dragons - Japan.

He worked as Lecturer at the University, he taught Ju Jutsu classes on campus to fellow students at the time.

It was during the 60's that Capt.Ben Mangels (Deceased) who was in the Airforce at the time became prominently know as Atemi Jutsu Expert as per records the 2nd person who was connected to the Black Dragon - Japan and USA. He remained in USA and a Judan Level Judoka practitioner unitil his death. In the Early 80's Shihan Barry Pictor (8th Dan) opened the first regonised Ninja Academy and named it SANF situated in Cramerview Johannesburg.

It was my honour to train with both Ben Mangels & Barry Pictor even grading under their supervision in my Martial Arts path. During the 90's I officially took over the Reins of the BDFS and registered it as a Company PTY LTD. From then till now I have manage to bring all the Surviving Members together and share on the knowledge learned but lost knowledge from prior Fathers of our Federation. We still have strong ties to Japan but have the Friendship of USA BDFS as well.

We have managed to widen our membership throughout the Globe and extending hands to those that like to be part of us. I registered and Trade Marked the IFAA under our name as it holds a very rich history in the San Su Kumite tournament's. We not a Secret Organisation, We're a Organisation with Secrets!


UFMA - Technical Committee Member

International Ninjutsu Society - Director South Africa



Global Rhangdo Close Combat - Member

International Martial Arts Union - University Representative South Africa

World Absolute Karate Federation - Representative

International Karate Institute - Member

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